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Minas Flor mission is to develop beauty products of the highest quality, contributing to the well being of people with a better quality of life through natural products, highlight the genuine Brazilian beauty.

Minas Flor most popular hair care products are Ourotox Capillary Botox, Clinic Hair ICU hair serums and the new 7-in-1 professional hair care treatment.

Minas Flor Cosméticos was started in 2001 by a couple of entrepreneurs who identified the opportunity to have their own business after working for many years as cosmetic retailers. Their vision of being recognized as a model of excellence with its quality products and services with customers drives them to focus on high standards of quality, differentiated products and valuation of customers and their partners. Minas Flor hair products are available in Brazil and abroad.

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Minas Flor Ourotox Capilar Ampoules, 0.67 fl oz x 6 vials
Minas Flor Ourotox Capilar, it's like Botox for your hair with all the nobility and power of gol..
$219.95 $99.00
Minas Flor Clinic Hair ICU Kit for Damaged Hair, 0.67 fl oz x 6 vials
Minas Flor Clinic Hair ICU is the cure for your damaged hair! A true rescue operation for you..
$219.95 $124.95
Minas Flor Bamboo Intelligent Cauterization Hair Treatment with Keratin and Calcium, 0.67 fl oz x 6 vials
With an exclusive formulation, Minas Flor Bamboo intelligent cauterization hair treatment contai..
$99.95 $59.95
Minas Flor Cosmetics 7-in-1 Professional Hair Care Treatment, 16.9 fl oz
This unique Minas Flor Cosmetics 7-in-1 Professional Hair Care Treatment uses silicone and kerat..
$119.95 $84.95

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